Executive Search (Placement or Recruitment for Permanent or Contract Employee)

We assist the client to carry out selection and placing the right person at the right place as a permanent employee as well as contract employee.

Advantage :To be higher quality more efficient saving cost Guarantee.


Searching and delegating contract workforce with more specific skill, in a certain number, wherein we handle various cases in relation to manpower, among others management of administration, payroll, Jamsostek, and other matters in relation to labor union (if required).

Advantage :Saving time and cost in carrying out employee recruitment.
Freed from problems of payroll, income tax (PPh 21), Jamsostek, Holyday Bonus (THR), Bonus, Termination and manpower problem, as everything will be handled by sub contract system.
Guarantee of manpower replacement, if the said workforce not complies with the required qualification.
Could change contract employee to be permanent employee based on both parties' agreement (Company and VD Fokus).
Could provide regulations which be in force for contract employees.
Obtain health examination assistance for new or old employees (if required) and the arising expenses on client account.

Psychological Test

Psychological Test which is carried out as the selection step of either new employees or for old employees' position promotion / assessment.