PT. Vera Diana Fokus is established to help Human Resources world development which day by day becoming more and more complex, moving forward and has grown with various conflicts. If we observe some big companies with large number of employees, conflict with human resource aspect often arise and this may lead to uncomfortable working environment within the company.

Human resources factor is an important factor in supporting company's success , and it is inevitable that selecting and recruiting new employees need to be made carefully. If Human Resources are very bad, then the said company's performance will be affected and it's undeniable that selection of the right employess for the right position plays an important role.

Therefore in a company, a department which is known as HRD or Human Resource Department is present and in Indonesian language known as Sumber Daya Manusia (SDM), whose duty is to manage employment affairs which begins from work force selection, payroll implementation, career and industrial relations, wherein all of these conflicts may arise. When they arise HR often make dilemmatic decision on how to solve the problems and sometimes need to invite an arbitrator to solve the problems. Regarding to the said conflict, then PT. Vera Diana Fokus is established aiming at assisting the said companies thorough their Human Resources Dept. to reduce burden borne by Human Resources Dept. of the company.

We provide the company with selective services, which could ease the company's burden in handling problems occurring in the said Human Resources Dept. We are convinced that our services will provide contribution to your esteemed Company's development thorough good and professional human resources department.