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The Advantages of VD Fokus

1. VD Fokus had employees whose having much experience in handling manpower contract that was formed in one special team.
2. Payment of salaries right on time.

The Benefits of Using Services From VD Fokus

1. Save time and money in the recruitment of employees.
2. Get free from issues about salaries payments administration, PPh 21 tax, Jamsostek, allowances, bonus, and firing (PHK) because all of it will handled by sub-contract.
3. At costs that can be adjusted with the amount and the conditions of the employee, the company will be free from the administration of manpower issues.
4. The company will receive guarantee of worker replacement if employee resign or are dismissed before the contract period expires.
5. The company can have the employee's data that has been selected before by VD Fokus.
6. The company not need to handle manpower issues that come from inside and from outside.
7. Employees will always be monitored and observed by VD Fokus.
8. The company can make the contract employee become the permanent employee with the agreement from both parties (the company and VD Fokus).